Beware Bandits sell for $6.99 each.

If my kids were younger and had a serious allergy or life-threatening condition, Beware Bandits might be for us.

Summer is a time when kids are heading off to day camps or interacting with different adults and kids.Young kids especially cannot be tasked with reminding adults that they are the kid who is allergic to bee stings or the kid who can’t have dairy or peanuts.

Beware Bandits are latex-free wristbands with nickle-free snaps that have the kids’ allergy or medical condition spelled out as well as a place for an emergency contact number. Each wristband has a character representing the allergy such as Wagon W. Wheaty and the alert words “I am allergic to wheat/gluten.”

There are wristbands for insect stings, diabetes, asthma, penicillin, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, shellfish, soy, fish, gluten and eggs. Kids who need multiple alerts can stack bands on their wrists. Wristbands sell for $6.99 each at Walmart, Target and Whole Foods.