Austinites experienced many memorable cultural moments in 2015. As a features reporter, I’m privileged to witness and write about many culturally significant events in Austin. From now through Dec. 31, I’ll share three of my favorite 2015 moments. All of them give a unique insight into Austin’s Latino community.

Grupo Fantasma celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. Contributed photo

Grupo Fantasma turns 15

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since Grupo Fantasma’s first show at the old Empanada Parlour on Sixth Street. The Grammy award-winning band, which put a spotlight on Austin’s Latin music scene, celebrated its quinceañera this year and released a fifth studio album, “Problemas.”

After more than a decade in the ever-changing music business, Grupo Fantasma wants to use all the lessons learned to pay it forward and mentor up-and-coming artists.

“We’ve seen the Austin music scene change so much, and it’s been very good to us and helped us survive this long,” co-founder Greg González said in a recent interview. “We don’t want that to fall apart. We don’t want this city to lose its soul, and whatever part of this story of Austin music that we play, we want to share that with other people and help keep it going.”