How do you spend nearly $70 on salsa?

By buying nearly every brand at the store.

I’m working on a salsa story for next week’s food section, and as part of that, I’m rounding up store-bought salsas for a comparison chart that will run alongside some recipes and homemade salsa tips.

I stopped by Wheatsville earlier this week to see what brands they sold, and although I knew they’d have a sizable selection, I didn’t realize they’d have nearly a dozen salsas either made or based in Austin. Some salsas, like Jaime’s or Ana’s, are available in lots of stores, but there were hard-to-find ones like a new-to-me one called Concha’s Salsa, which I only recently discovered at the farmers market.

This morning, I hit up the newly rebranded Poco Loco supermarket at South First and Ben White Boulevard, where I bought salsa-making supplies, including lots of dried and fresh peppers, which I’ll be broiling, roasting and dry-searing as soon as I get home this afternoon.

I’ve made a few batches of salsa so far and will be tweaking my recipes this week, but I’d love to hear any salsa tips you might have to share! Feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot me an email at