Monica Maldonado Williams and Matt Kouri at Greenlights Reception.

CHARITY: About 100 people gathered at Google Fiber HQ. Quickly, one recognized key leaders from the nonprofit sector, gathered in the spacious community room at the former children’s museum that was, before that, a plastics factory. They mingled for about 45 minutes, when slender, polished Matt Kouri took the stage. The head of Greenlights for Nonprofit Success, which trains the charitably minded in Austin, spoke in a TED-Talks manner about the past, present and future of his outfit. The theme? You’ll have to wait about two weeks to find out. Kouri’s twinned announcements are “embargoed.” We can live with that. Expect American-Statesman philanthropy and community reporter James Barragan to break the news in a couple of weeks.

MEDIA: Filling a vital niche at the American-Statesman. Reporter Eric Webb — also our new newsroom social media captain — is doing a good job gathering up pop culture wonders in his “Webb Report.” “You might want to put those pinkies down the next time you’re on Rainey Street. According to two studies, most Texans might not be drinking craft beers or artisanal cocktails when they’re out at the bars. According to Business Insider, one study calls Jack Daniel’s the most popular hard liquor in Texas, citing not-quite-airtight figures from a social app called “BARTRENDr.” The article says that the app company “analyzed data from its 700,000 users to determine the most popular liquor brand in every state based on posts and photos of the liquors its users like to drink,” so the results would definitely (not) pass peer review.”

MOVIES: Finding a clever way to wrap up the summer movies. Sample taken from Joe Gross‘ story in the American-Statesman: “As the summer movie season draws to a close, it is time to look back — who won big (hint: it involves dinosaurs), who lost big (hint: it involves four superheroes), and what you should have seen that you really, really didn’t. The box-office awards: Gold medal: “Jurassic World.” For a movie that received thoroughly mixed reviews, “Jurassic World” ate the competition like a T-Rex snacking on rabbits, doing more than $638 million domestically since June 12 and establishing director Colin Trevorrow, previously best known for the indie critical hit “Safety Not Guaranteed,” as such a hit-maker that he has been handed their reins for “Star Wars: Episode IX,” due in theaters in 2019…”