Gold Medal flour is one of the products that General Mills has said consumers should throw away because of possible E. coli contamination. No E. coli has yet been found in the flour. Photo from General Mills.

Just as you’ve restocked the frozen vegetables you had to toss in the last recall, another major food company has announced a voluntary food call of a product nearly all of us have in our house: flour.

General Mills announced the recall today of its Gold Medal flours and the Signature Kitchens flour that is sold at Randalls, Safeway and Albertsons. No E. coli has been found in the flour or in flour manufacturing facilities, but the Centers for Disease Control is looking into 38 occurrences of illness where half the sickened individuals reported having eaten something homemade with flour, and some reported using a General Mills brand of flour.

From the release:

Based on the information that has been shared with General Mills, some of the ill consumers may have also consumed raw dough or batter. Consumers are reminded to not consume any raw products made with flour. Flour is an ingredient that comes from milling wheat, something grown outdoors that carries with it risks of bacteria which are rendered harmless by baking, frying or boiling. Consumers are reminded to wash their hands, work surfaces, and utensils thoroughly after contact with raw dough products or flour, and to never eat raw dough or batter.