GelPro is giving away 250 mats to people who stand on their feet in an effort to help others. You can nominate someone on their website, Photo from GelPro.

GelPro, the Austin-based mat company whose products help people — in the kitchen or otherwise — who stand for long periods of time, is giving away 250 mats this year to people all around the country who are on their feet for the benefit of someone else.

The idea came from a customer in Georgia who wrote in to see if the company would consider giving a mat to one of her friends, who has a garden and puts up the produce in jars to give to people in need in her community.

Lisa McMahon, co-founder of the company, said that the request inspired them, they sent a mat and decided to actively seek more deserving folks who could use some cushioning under their feet so they can continue to do their good work. To nominate someone, go to