Tickets for the Fusebox Festival — Austin’s super-adventurous international fest of  avant-garde and mult-media arts — will be available starting at noon on Feb. 8.

Reservations can be made on the Fusebox website.

“I Understand Everything Better” at the Fusebox Festival

The fest runs April 6 -10 at various venues around town including many indie galleries, theaters and pop-up spaces.

Of course, Fusebox tickets are free but reservations are highly recommended. There will always be a few tickets available for walk-up at the door, but most venues are intimate in size and fill up fast.

Many events are reservation-free though including a number of exhibits, installations and community waffle chats.

Read about Fusebox’s free ticket policy and reservations here.  Because if you don’t behave, you won’t be invited back.

Yuliya Lanina’s live animation performance of “Not a Sad Tale” is part of the Fusebox Festival.