The set by Peaches included a marriage proposal. Photo by Deborah Sengupta Stith

Peaches closed her pulsing, heavy-knocking, and sweaty Friday set with a veritably stunning, apparently surprise gay-marriage proposal. In front of a cheering crowd, he said yes.

When Peaches was billed on the original Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2006, she didn’t boast a pair of dancing vaginas. But Friday at the Blue Stage, the 46-year-old elec

troclash titan born Merrill Beth Nisker proved peaches rock harder with age.

“Coming up to see me like I was Mae West,” Peaches raps on “Mommy Complex.” Her songs are explicitly sexual, her performance art follows suit with theatric interpretations: dancing wildlife, master-and-slave writhing, twerking close-ups, shout outs to the transgender community, spandex air sex, and a shimmering bodysuit that recalls Gozer from “Ghostbusters.”

She emerged dressed like female anatomy–a suit made of foam-looking material, Ninja Turtles-esque pink armor; song No. 2 was fan-favorite “Operate.”

“Jesus walked on water, Peaches walked on you,” she said before positioning herself stop an adoring huddle of fans.

Peaches is in town touring behind his year’s “Rub.”

“I know it’s not subtle,” she rapped on “D*ck In the Air.” Considering Peaches was inside a giant, inflatable, phallic tunnel, it was probably the understatement of the day.

It’s fair to say she got us off, as she raps, “like Rob Shapiro.”