Full Fridge is a new delivery service that sells 15 meals’ worth of prepared food for $75. Photo from Full Fridge.

Having a full fridge of ingredients and one that’s full of already prepared food are two very different things.

When we go to the grocery store and come home with a week’s worth of food to prepare, we still have to do the cooking. The founders of a new Austin company called Full Fridge know that there are plenty of us who don’t like, want or have time to cook and would rather just have a fridge full of prepared food to eat.

“We are bringing homemade delicious meals to people who don’t really care about grocery shopping or cooking,” says co-founder Mokshika Sharma. To keep the price at $5 per meal — or $75 for 15 meals a week, the only option currently available — Full Fridge doesn’t package each meal in its own container, which cuts down on packaging waste and is a departure from many prepared meal delivery services in operation.

Customers don’t have any choices about which meals they receive, another tweak to how many similar companies operate that is designed to keep the price down. Each 15-meal order contains about nine different dishes, including those you might eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner. A recent menu included smoky sweet potatoes, pork chops, pasta casserole with cauliflower, chickpea salad, pork stew and bangers and mash, the British breakfast dish with sausage and beans.

“We wanted to offer convenient and affordable meals, but we’re not going for the gourmet crowd,” Sharma says. “You can mix and match the sides, breakfast, lunch and dinner items to make different meals” and the quantity of your serving can vary, depending on how hungry you are. Customers can place an order as late as Sunday for delivery in much of the Austin area on Tuesday. You can find out more about the service at fullfridge.com.