UPDATE, 10:40 a.m., Monday, Aug. 22:
“Blonde” is finally here. It’s available on Apple Music and iTunes now.

UPDATE, 1:10 p.m, Saturday, Aug. 20:

Another project from Frank Ocean dropped on Apple Music today. Music video “Nikes” features, among other things, a rapping Chihuahua, a tap-dancing devil, angels and demons on a stripper pole and a man casually walking while on fire. There’s also a fair amount of NSFW nudity so be warned.

You can watch it here, only on Apple Music.

UPDATE, 10:10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 19: Apple Music’s Twitter account confirmed last night that the streaming service is hosting a new visual album from Frank Ocean, titled “Endless.”

A film by Frank Ocean.
Now on Apple Music. #ENDLESShttps://t.co/IKMm2PNsUH pic.twitter.com/nlLxXoQ296

— Apple Music (@AppleMusic) August 19, 2016

According to Rolling Stone, “Endless” is not the proper follow-up album to “Channel Orange,” but a different project altogether. The music magazine has also confirmed that “Boys Don’t Cry” will be released this weekend, but under a different title.

“Endless” can be streamed on Apple Music here.

As is the case with any news about Frank Ocean, the Internet got as emotional as Ocean does on some of his songs:

frank ocean is lowkey a genius. even if his album is terrible itll still be a best seller because EVERYONE is waiting

— lil sebastian (@jillyplant) August 19, 2016

NEW MUSIC FROM FRANK OCEAN!!! This weekend is for staying in bed and crying into a pillow..

— Juan Miguel (@JohnsNotWrong) August 19, 2016

Thank you Frank Ocean I can now live my life peacefully



— Nkosi Mofuli. (@NkosiMofuli_98) August 19, 2016

Some were angry that the visual album didn’t live up to expectations,a nd others were just hoping it wasn’t good to rile up fans.

*Frank Ocean drops music*
Twitter: A visual album? I'm not listening until there is an actual album.

— skye (@_Skyexoxo) August 19, 2016

Lowkey hoping Frank Ocean's new album sucks so you all stay mad pic.twitter.com/uGNs5ip7GF

— Teddy Ryan (@teddybear097) August 19, 2016

Frank ocean's new album sucks !! it's like a LP full of interludes !!

— Abdu (@AbduBrown) August 19, 2016

We’ll see what happens when the “real album” supposedly drops this weekend.


UPDATE, 12:15 p.m. Monday, Aug. 8: Still no new Frank Ocean album, but there are now rumors that “Boys Don’t Cry” will be released Nov. 13, 2016, as evidenced by the library “due date” card image on Ocean’s website. Who knows.

UPDATE, 7:35 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 6: Still no new Frank Ocean album.

Friday, Aug. 5:

It’s Friday, August 5, 2016, and the Internet is mad at Frank Ocean again.

FILE – In this Feb. 10, 2013 file photo, Frank Ocean arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Why? First, some context.

Three years ago, R&B artist/riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma Frank Ocean announced that he had started work on his third album.

Fans were ecstatic about the news, seeing as his shot to fame after the success of his first mixtape “nostalgia, ULTRA.” combined with the six Grammy nominations and one win for his 2012 album “Channel Orange” indicated a star on the rise reminiscent of Sam Cooke.


But then came the wait.

Photos: Did you see Frank Ocean at La Zona Rosa in 2012? You might be in these pictures

In April 2014, Ocean said he was close to finishing the album.

On November 29, 2014, he released a snippet of a song on his Tumblr page, supposedly from the new project, called “Memrise.”

On April 6, 2015, Ocean took to Tumblr again, seemingly revealing the album’s title and marketing strategy of releasing magazine issues as part of the project.

“I got two versions. I got twooo versions… #ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDONTCRY,” Ocean posted.

#JULY2015 came and went, with no album.

Then, on July 2, 2016, Ocean updated his website with this image, seemingly teasing a release date for “Boys Don’t Cry” within the next month:

And…you guessed it, still no album at the end of July, either.

But then fans got a break on August 1, when a live-streamed video on his website appeared, hosted by Apple Music and featuring the Apple Music logo. The mysterious video showed a pair of workbenches in a large empty room, with Ocean making brief appearances.

In an interview that same day with the New York Times, a “person with knowledge of the release plans” confirmed to the newspaper that “Boys Don’t Cry” is indeed the album title, and that it would be released on Aug. 5, exclusively through Apple Music for two weeks, after which the album would be put into wide release.

Well, as of this publication date, late in the afternoon in the Central time zone, we’re still not hearing any new Frank Ocean tunes.

And since midnight, the Internet has been coping the only way it can— with snarky memes and jokes.

The memes and Twitter trends that come out every time a release date is announced, then delayed, then announced again, for “Boys Don’t Cry” are art pieces worthy of albums themselves. It starts to make you wonder if Ocean isn’t doing this on purpose in order to collect all the memes and hashtags for album art or something.

Every time “Boys Don’t Cry” gets delayed, as with any traumatic event, it follows the same “five stages of grief” pattern, as seen by Twitter users below.

Step 1: Denial


— JACOBE (@wndrful_) August 5, 2016

we, again, are waiting for Frank's album like: pic.twitter.com/SfOpp5oCwc

— deray mckesson (@deray) August 5, 2016

*opens phone*
*immediately searches for Frank Ocean's new album*
*nothing* pic.twitter.com/B4iyIEvS5I

— Corey Staub (@StopStaub) August 5, 2016

Some users took comfort in the fact that Ocean lives in the Pacific time zone, which is why the album wasn’t appearing in Apple Music’s library right at midnight for many East Coast and Central time zone fans.

Calm down… Frank Ocean is probably on California time…

— Theodus Crane (@theoduscrane) August 1, 2016

Frank Ocean is obviously in Hawaii right now because it's just past midnight in California and I'm not being serenaded by his new album

— Jason Nott (@JasonBNott) August 5, 2016

Step 2: Anger

frank ocean that one friend who u call and ask where they at and say they on they way every 10 min

— G-money bag$$$$ (@dreamofgabyy) August 5, 2016

Frank Ocean is that friend who will text you first and never responds when you text back

— King J .. (@uglyJavi) August 5, 2016

Frank Ocean is like that deadbeat dad that says he's gonna pick up his kid, but never shows up because he's busy eating chips on the couch

— Gio (@I_theGiovanni) August 5, 2016

I don't think I even wana hear the album anymore. Just keep it dawg. #FrankOcean

— T'Challa (@pike_gambino) August 5, 2016

good morning to everyone except frank ocean

— ㅤ (@shamelessdeluxe) August 5, 2016

Frank Ocean isn't even that good, idk why people are tripping over him not dropping his album still

— mike (@ifb4y) August 2, 2016

*whispers quietly* "frank ocean isn't even that good"

— bug. (@naturdlie) August 5, 2016

Then, some Internet tricksters started to tweet out fake album links, like the following two, which link to albums from Orlando Brown and Vanessa Carlton, respectively.

Listen to Boys don't cry by Frank Ocean on @AppleMusic https://t.co/6acbN3kjHx pic.twitter.com/4YPXl98Ivm

— Beano French (@JustBeano) August 5, 2016


This the link to Frank Ocean new album