“The Lobster” I know I suggested this last weekend but I have to give it another nod. Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos really hs made one of the more interesting relationship movies you are going to see this year, the almost Pinteresque performances, especially from Colin Ferrell and the perpetually-underused Ashley Jensen. And Olivia Colman reminds audiences that she might be one of the best British film actresses of her age, equally adept at hilariously low comedy and grim drama. (See also her stellar turns in “Broadchurch” and “The Night Manager.”)

“The Lobster” is playing at select area theaters.

Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” and “The Shining” are showing back-to-back at the Paramount June 3 as part of a double feature. Which is swell, as they are both prime examples of Kubrick’s very precise genius.

But what I wouldn’t give for a double feature of “The Shining” and “Room 237, ” Rodney Ascher’s massively entertaining 2012 documentary about interpretations, over-interpretations and meanings that may or may not be in “The Shining.” See “Strangelove” and “The Shining” this weeked, but check out “Room 237” at some point with someone who doesn’t mind completely bonkers conspiracy theories.

 “Weiner” Directed by Elyse Steinberg with the candidate himself’s former chief of staff Josh Kriegman, “Weiner” examines the deeply odd political collapse and attempted political revival of one Anthony Weiner, the former New York Congressman who resigned from Congress in disgrace after a sexting scandal. Two years later, he attempted to run for mayor. This movie is about that campaign. To (greatly) paraphrase something my brother once said about the Eliot Spitzer scandal, “You can serve in Congress and eventually run for mayor or you can call yourself Carlos Danger and send women semi-nude photos… but you can’t do both.”

“Weiner” is playing the Violet Crown.