I’ve run the Big Bend Ultra for the past five years. This year I had to scratch because of an injury. I’ll still be there to cheer on my friends. Photo by Chris LeBlanc

I’ve never had to scratch from a race because of an injury.

Until now.

I’ve raced the Big Bend Ultra in West Texas every year for the last five years. It’s my favorite trail race – a gritty scamper through cactus- and rock-studded terrain. I do the 30K version; the crazies run 50 miles.

I came up limping after a 13-mile training run five weeks ago. At first I thought I was just sore, but when I still couldn’t run after a few days I realized it was more serious.

I’ve got plantar fasciitis.

Yes, I’m stretching and wearing a heal cup and no longer walk barefoot around my house. But it’s still sore enough that I can’t run even a block down my street. Since I’m planning to backpack the entire John Muir Trail this summer, I want to make sure it heals properly.

I’m giving my foot a break. For the first time ever, I’m going to miss an event for which I already registered. The race is Sunday at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

On the positive side, this marks the first time in my 51 years I’ve had to cancel out on an event. On the negative side, oh no! Does this mean my body is officially going to start falling to pieces?

I’m still heading out to Terlingua with my friends. I’ve got friends to visit, and I’ll watch the race. Plus I’ve got four story assignments to work on while I’m there.

So yes, I’ll be busy. Just a little sad I won’t be running.


The race is my favorite trail run. Photo by Chris LeBlanc