While you’re watching — for your first, fourth or seventh time — the newest “Star Wars” flick over the holidays, wouldn’t it be fun to have a “Star Wars”-themed beer in hand?

The Force is strong with the Flix Brewhouse beers this week, four of which are “Spaceballs”-themed in honor of the new “Star Wars” movie.

Yeah, that’s what the brewing team at Flix Brewhouse thought. The Round Rock movie theater and brewery now has three new beers on tap, as well as a cask, in honor of “the franchise that has meant so much to all of (the Flix team) as huge fans,” according to a publicist. Each of the three Flix Brewhouse locations are offering these beers as one-offs until they run out.

But the beers aren’t exactly “Star Wars”-related. Instead, their names have to do with “Spaceballs,” the 1987 comedy that is widely regarded as the best of the “Star Wars” parodies out there.

(This exchange is just one of the reasons why. Dark Helmet: “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.” Lone Starr: “What’s that make us?” Dark Helmet: “Absolutely nothing! Which is what you are about to become.”)

This weekend, try one of these four options before they’re gone:

Dark Helmet Imperial Stout: A rich, full-bodied imperial stout. Quite a behemoth at 10.5% ABV.Ludicrous Speed IPA: Dank, fruity and citrusy IPA brewed with Caliente hops. 7.2% ABVDruish Wedding Farmhouse Ale: An American famhouse ale brewed with hibiscus and peach. 6.0% ABVCask: Mega Maid: Flix’s seasonal Kill Shot Scotch Ale with juniper and blackberries added. 9.2% ABV

These join the tap wall of Flix’s mainstay beers brewed by head brewer Justin Rizza. For more information, visit www.flixbrewhouse.com.