Fetty Wap performs at Austin360 Amphitheater (Suzanne Cordeiro/American-Statesman)

Rapper and 2015 breakout superstar Fetty Wap has been one of the most buzzed about SXSW rumors of the 2016 cycle. An email from a promoter today reminded us that Fetty is set to play the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio on March 12. That’s a few days before the Monster Energy Outbreak House at SXSW opens at 215 W. Fifth St. (the old Antone’s/Infest building) on March 16. SXSW describes the house as “a microcosm of the Tour series.”

Unfortunately, the apparently perfectly routed tour doesn’t guarantee a Fetty appearance at the SXSW music festival.  The tour moves to Atlanta on March 15 and Raleigh on March 17 then he’s tied up through the weekend. That leaves one open date for Fetty to fly back to Austin on the night of the opening of the Outbreak House, a very real possibility, but not a sure shot. It seems more likely that Fetty will show up at a SXSW Interactive party on Sunday or Monday March 13-14.