*Updated with caveat: Favor will still charge a $5 delivery fee, its nominal processing fee and space for a tip (suggested about 20 percent), so these “free” tacos will still cost you about $7-$8 dollars.

Homegrown deliver app Favor is gonna court the Austin public tomorrow with free Tacodeli breakfast tacos. When users open the Favor app on Tuesday between 9 and 11 a.m., a Free Taco banner will appear. Tap that and it’s off to the races. There is a limit of two tacos per person, either migas or potato egg and cheese, and there is a limited supply.

Given Favor’s higher delivery fee than UberEats and and the addition of a substantial driver ip that accompanies each order on normal days, it appears Favor is trying to curry, um, favor with local users.

This is the first time Favor, which last week doubled its delivery zone, has given away free food.