One Texan has answered the prayers of wine lovers everywhere: A solution to the particular horribleness of wine hangovers. It’s a little different from your solution, because it doesn’t involve staying in bed for a day with stained lips.

Sulfites often get the blame for red wine headaches, but experts say tyramine and tannins are probably at fault. (Photo courtesy Fotolia/TNS)

“The Wand” claims to improve the entire wine-drinking experience, but especially in so that it prevents the “flushing, nasal congestion, headaches, and hangovers that 75 percent of drinkers experience,” Culture Map reports. The Wand is made up of a short silver stick with a small sack of beads at the end that works by filtering out the sulfites and histamines responsible for wine-drinkers’ uncomfortable side effects.

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Because the Wand preserves the tannins present in wine, the taste is reportedly unaltered. That’s some wine science. The device claims to work well in white, red and sparkling wine, although in the case of the latter it also unfortunately filters out all the fun bubbles.

If it’s all it claims to be the Wand could make for the perfect partner on a Hill Country winery tour. Pour yourself a glass and check out the Wand’s website here.

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