Photo via Disney

Seven years later, Dug still holds a special place in our hearts.

While Pixar film “Up” has been followed by other popular animated films (“Inside Out,” “Finding Dory”), the characters of the film are timeless. In a truly wonderful Throwback Thursday move, Disney posted a hidden-camera video Thursday called “Dug in Real Life.” A golden retriever, equipped with talking collar, ran around greeting people and asking for back scratches.

“I have never met a talking dog!” a boy said to Dug.

“And I have never met nicer-smelling human,” Dug said back.

The video received over 1 million views on Facebook three hours after Disney posted it on their Facebook page.

While Disney has been rebooting many of their animated classics, no word on if ‘Up’ (and Dug) will be getting a live-action movie.