Nori tama toast with egg, green onion, cheese and dried seaweed. (Credit: Matthew Odam)

I had a little ritual my first few days in Tokyo last spring. Each morning I’d go to the mom-and-pop coffee shop next door to my AirBNB rental and enjoy a cup of coffee, hardboiled egg and fluffy Japanese milk bread. Flossy, feathery, plumped and slightly sweet, the bread reminded me of Texas toast on steroids.

On one piece I’d spread strawberry jam, the other came with a slice of ham hugged to the bread by melted cheese. We left that neighborhood after a few days, but I continued to savor variations of the bread throughout my trip to Japan.

I have finally found the fix for my Japanese milk bread cravings. This piece of nori tama toast comes topped with crumbled egg spread across the bread’s ivory expanse, with a melted layer of mozzarella holding it in place. The creamy and irony mixture is spotted with green onions and the oceanic flavors of dried seaweed bits.

Who needs breakfast tacos when you can have this? readers follow the link to find out where to find the toast, along with some very good chicken katsu.