Even though Uber has suspended ride-hailing operations in Austin, the company is continuing its UberEats delivery service.

Even after a tough Prop 1 loss this weekend, Uber announced today that its popular UberEats food delivery service would continue.

Uber shared the news in an email to users:

As you’ve heard from the results of Proposition 1, Uber ridesharing is no longer available in Austin. However, we’re glad to tell you that UberEATS will continue service as normal, providing great food when you need it, helping restaurants serve beyond the brick-and-mortar, and offering driver-partners an option to stay on the road.

How it works: UberEats partners with a few restaurants each day, and drivers carry the meals with them in their cars, which means customers can order a dish and it often arrives in less than 10 minutes for a delivery fee of around $3. The company recently added the option of ordering from a restaurant not on the “Instant” menu but with a higher fee and longer delivery time.

You have to have the UberEats app, which is separate from the regular Uber app, to place an order, and you can find out more about the service at ubereats.com/austin.