Well, this is a first. I noted in my recent review of East Austin Italian Al Fico last week that the restaurant didn’t seem to have the demand for lunch business. But I didn’t see this coming.

Al Fico closed suddenly today. A termination of lease is on the locked gates of the restaurant in East Austin operated by Jeff Courington and Kelly Bell, who also operate Vino Vino in Hyde Park.

The letter states that the rent due April 20 had not been received. The landlord presented a default notice on May 4 and the lease termination letter is dated May 10.

“Due to the inability to renegotiate the lease, Al Fico was unfortunately forced to close its doors,” Courrington said in an emailed release. “Al Fico would like to personally thank each and every customer, investor, and team member for the hard work and dedication that lead to a well-built and comfortable place to enjoy authentic Italian food and wine.”

As for how or if the closure of Al Fico will affect Vino Vino in Hyde Park, management said the following:

“At this time Vino Vino plans on carrying on business as usual. We are committed to incorporating the Al Fico staff into our family here as best we can, and will continue to provide excellent food, wine, and service to our community. We thank everyone for their continued support.”