BookPeople will be hosting one of the fall’s hottest young authors – Garth Risk Hallberg — at 7 p.m. Thusday Oct. 22.

He’s the author of the massive “City on Fire,” which is being released this month and is considered one of the biggest literary events of the year. Knopf reportedly paid about $2 million for the manuscript, and is rolling out a publicity juggernaut.

Nearly everyone is raving, including the Washington Post and Kirkus Reviews.

Here’s part of what Kirkus says about the book:

“Rough-edged mid-1970s New York provides the backdrop for an epic panorama of musicians, writers, and power brokers and the surprising ways they connect.

“New Year’s Eve 1976: Sam, a fanzine author and hanger-on in the Manhattan punk scene, abandons her plan to attend a concert and instead heads to Central Park, where she’s later discovered shot and clinging to life. Why’d she head uptown? Who shot her? Thereby hangs a remarkably assured, multivalent tale that strives to explore multiple strata of Manhattan life with photographic realism.”

With more than 900 pages at his disposal, Hallberg gives his characters plenty of breathing room, but the story never feels overwritten, and the plotlines interlace without feeling pat.”

We’ll run a full review of the novel on Sunday, Oct. 25.

Garth Risk Hallberg. Credit: Mark Vessey