Austinite Rebecca Gray is organizing to raise money for a cate café. What the? No, it’s not a café where the customers are cats. And it’s not a place that serves cats. (Thankfully.)

The Blue Cat Café would be a place that takes in stray and feral felines, cares for them, and offers diners and drinkers a chance to love on the animals or adopt them. Gray is currently accepting donations and her website says she is planning a March Kitckstarter. We don’t usually writer about Kickstarter’s on this site, but this one seemed just a little too out-of-the-blue to not acknowledge. (However, it wouldn’t be the first of its kind. Gray points to Oakland’s Cat Town as being a hero and inspiration.)

The Blue Cat Café’s website states the following as its missions:

Care for, and provide adoption opportunities for homeless and/or feral cats.Raise awareness about the importance of fixing animals.Provide a relaxing, sociable atmosphere where local and small businesses are supported.

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Austin's aiming to launch at Cat Cafe where you can grab coffee & hang with adoptable cats

— 365 Things Austin (@365ThingsAustin) January 27, 2015