Carolyn Wonderland. Photo by Jay Janner/American-Statesman

What had been a grand tour across the ocean for Austin blues-rock guitarist Carolyn Wonderland, with a string of shows in Austria and at Switzerland’s prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, turned into a nightmare over the weekend when she was robbed backstage while playing a show in the Canary Islands.

Wonderland recounted the details in a public post on her Facebook page. Band members Kevin Lance and Bobby Perkins apparently had already traveled ahead to Amsterdam, but Wonderland and fellow Austinite Shelley Cox both were victimized.

“They got all of our tour money, my phone, wallet, credit cards, drivers license, both Shelley & my passports,” Wonderland wrote. “The good news is: At least it wasn’t violent. Having experienced both, this sucks, but at least I’m walking around talking about it and not laid up somewhere.”

Wonderland’s tour schedule includes upcoming dates in Belgium and France, but as of yesterday, all those plans were in jeopardy. Wonderland’s post noted that they’re awaiting word from the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, where she and Cox were flown from the Canary Islands, a Spanish territory.

Wonderland’s friend and fellow musician Shelley King has set up a gofundme page for those who want to help Wonderland. She’s also accepting checks made out to Carolyn Wonderland sent in care of Shelley King, P.O. Box 33097, Austin, TX 78764; another option is PayPal, via