"I feel good," Broncho singer Ryan Lindsey tells Austin 360 next to the Orange Stage Sunday afternoon. "Keeping it together."

The band just performed its relatively big single, "Class Historian," to close their Fun Fun Fun Fest set. He’s sweaty, wearing a giant black T-shirt that exposes his shoulder, and his long brown hair covers his eyes. Onstage his knees jitter when he strums his guitar; he sings in incoherent servings of melodic howls.

About his voice. Lindsey keeps his banter almost comically simple: "Yeah feels good," he’ll say between songs sans context, in barely decipherable tones. Before the last one just a winking, "One more baby."

His short "do-do-dos" carry his hooks. His frontman persona is shades of drunken Elvis, guttural belting, and infantile squeaks. Fans seem to increasingly imitate the emerging catchphrase noises, too. Like the Kool-Aid Man’s "oh yeah," this is his signature thing. Is it a zesty inside joke or thematic blueprint for the band?

"You know I like talking a little bit. I like talking like a little baby," he says.

I mention having enjoyed these four-piece Norman, Oklahoma rockers who are thriving in the age of the Spotify single, previously during South by Southwest. The band’s been touring relentlessly ever since–after this it’s on to the West Coast.

They’ll be home for the holidays at least. Lindsey makes Norman sound like an underrated incubator that helped shape his band’s fun, ’80s throwback indie rock.

"The scene there is pretty diverse. There’s a lot of different types of bands… There’s a freshness to it for each of us," he says, because Broncho is the first time members have performed this kind of uptempo, pogo-dance, hard-strumming rock: "It feels right for the moment."

He’s kind of an easy-going jokester. But he’s also a task rabbit, saying the Broncho outlet exists so he can stay working on his project-driven cycle of writing, performing, and recording to always "stay busy."

"We get to hang today and chill with some babies," he says, now more relaxed and faced with the realization that he gets to check out bands. "I heard Lauryn Hill’s here. I love Lauryn Hill."