The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. David’’s Medical Center was where Kelli Kelley’s journey began. Now she’’s executive director of Hand to Hold, an organization to help parents of children born prematurely or with other complications.

I wrote about Kelli Kelley, the founder of Hand to Hold, in one of my first Giving Ways stories. Austin-based Hand to Hold helps parents of premature and medically fragile babies with educational resources and emotional support.

Now Kelley will serve as a member of the Huggies Nursing Advisory Council. This means that she’ll help educate the diaper company about premature babies skin and development concerns.

Kelley said in a press release: “I am honored to serve on the Huggies Nursing Advisory Council. I was unable to hold and touch my one pound, eight ounce micro-preemie son for more than six weeks after he was born. Changing his diaper for the first time was a powerful, emotionally charged event.  I was terrified I might hurt him, but his nurse lovingly and professionally coached me as we had to carefully maneuver multiple pieces of medical equipment and use extreme care with his delicate skin. I look forward my service on the council and working to help ensure medical professionals are well prepared to support and educate NICU parents to help them meet the needs of their medically fragile child.”

Kelley will be the only non-medical professional to serve on the council, which includes registered nurses and nurse practitioners and neonatal occupational therapists.