At about 80 cents per package, Shin Ramyun is considered “fancy” by packaged ramen standards, but everybody knows it’s no Ramen Tatsu-Ya.

We have several upscale ramen shops in Austin now, and their homemade broths and fresh noodles, not to mention thinly sliced pork or soft-boiled eggs, make for a seriously delicious bowl of soup. But even if you don’t go to the trouble of making a 24-hour pork bone broth, you can make better ramen at home with a few tweaks, says Austin food blogger Linda Nguyen, who blogs at and posts to Instagram as @curiousnotions.

For this bowl, she used one of those packages of Shin Ramyun, which are available right next to the other ramen brands in many supermarkets now, and added cauliflower, spinach and a splash of red wine vinegar while the noodles were cooking. At the end, she topped the noodles with a poached egg. Some commenters suggested sliced mushrooms or even a slice of cheese.

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