Slow cooker chicken doesn’t have the same crisp skin as one that is roasted in the oven, but that’s OK with Kay Marley-Dilworth.

Marley-Dilworth, who blogs at and Instagrams @kmarleydilworth (you might know her as @atxfoodnews on Twitter), usually posts about restaurant news, but it’s fun to watch what she’s making at home, too. Last week, she tried her first slow cooker chicken that she started in a Crock Pot before work. Before leaving for the office, she placed the raw, whole chicken rubbed with salt and pepper on top of a layer of carrots, fingerling potatoes, pearl onions and mushrooms and turned the slow cooker on “low.”

Ten hours later, the meat was falling off the bone and dinner (plus leftovers) for her family of three was ready. What are your favorite slow cooker meals? Do you have a favorite recipe for cooking a whole chicken? Tell us by using the #Austin360Cooks hashtag on your posts on social media or in the comments below.