Mark Weatherford (@markeryskingdom) stuffed this fish with lemons, garlic and parsley and then wrapped it in cedar paper. Photo by Mark Weatherford/@markeryskingdom.

Mark Weatherford, a photographer and film location scout in Austin, introduced me to a new way of cooking fish last week.

On Instagram, where he posts as @markeryskingdom, Weatherford showed off a fish he was cooking. One of his girlfriends co-workers caught the trout and gave it to them as a gift. He stuffed it with lemons, garlic and parsley, rubbed olive oil, salt and pepper on the skin, wrapped it in cedar paper, baked at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes and then finished it under the broiler for crispy skin.

When he first told me he wrapped it in cedar, I thought hed made a typo and that hed baked the fish on a cedar plank. Turns out, Weatherford was hip to cedar paper flexible sheets of cedar that you can use to wrap up salmon, trout or anything you want to infuse with a smoky cedar flavor. After a little research, it seems Im one of the last to learn about this cedar paper because you can buy it from Trader Joes, Central Market, Target and Amazon.

Just further proof that were all sitting on culinary gems that are worth passing on to others. You can share your kitchen discoveries by adding #Austin360Cooks to your posts on social media or emailing me at