Austin is big into kombucha.

We have nearly half a dozen commercial kombucha makers, plus countless people who make this fermented tea at home. It’s packed full of probiotics that can boost your immune system, but not everybody loves the taste.

That was what prompted Austinite Trevor Ross to create a line of soda-inspired kombuchas that have less of the tangy vinegar taste of traditional kombuchas. Live Soda Kombucha comes in six flavors: lemon, orange, root beer, cola, ginger and Pure Doctor, modeled after Dr Pepper. They cost about $2.50 each and are widely available in stores including H-E-B and Target.

We tried four of them in this week’s Austin360 Taste Test video with both a kombucha lover, videographer Kelly West, who makes her own kombucha, and a kombucha novice, Tony Atkins, who loves soda.