Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow playing a full moon show at White Sands National Monument in 2015. Photo by Becky Burghart/White Sands

In our Austin360 Artist of the Month feature story on Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow, we talked about her plans to play shows this summer in a variety of national parks, which seems an especially appropriate way to celebrate the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service.

We checked back in with Falconberry to see how the bookings have been going. Here’s what’s on tap so far, with more possibly in the works:

With Medicine Bow:June 19: Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Texas)June 20: White Sands National Monument (New Mexico)June 22: Saguaro National Park (Arizona)July 1: Sequoia National Park (California)Solo:July 2-15: Artist-in-Residence at Sequoia National Park (California)July 16: Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)July 28 Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore (Michigan)Aug. 2: Isle Royale National Park (Michigan)

Booking the tour has been an adventure, Falconberry says. White Sands, which they played last year, was an easy first step. “They have a full stage with a sound guy and everything; it’s incredible,” she says. “But there’s other parks that I’d just cold-email them and say, ‘We want to play a show in your park.’ And they’re like, ‘Whaaat are you talking about?’

“Rangers are a very specific crew of people. They’re so good-hearted and hard-working, but they’re rule followers too, largely. So to present a new concept to these people — some of them are really willing to work with you and really want it to work out. Others are terrified of what you’re talking about.

There’s just lots of rules that you have to get through to make it work out. At the end of the day, even if it goes the worst it can possibly go, who cares? I’m in a national park. It’s still going to be totally amazing.”

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