Hip Hop artist Terrany Johnson (aka Tee Double) in his home studio in Central Austin on Wednesday, August 28, 2013. (Christina Burke/for Real)

Austin freestyle rap kingpin and longtime hip-hop scene fixture, Terrany Johnson a.k.a. Tee Double has just dropped a new compilation of Austin music centered around the themes of social justice and uplift, “The Black Mics Matter Project.”

It’s a well-produced and sonically diverse collection. Standout tracks include “Soon As I,” an R&B-laced lament from Anastasia, “Payback,” a rugged call-to-action from JustJarvaz and “Power To The People” an outcry for our times from Third Root rapper, Easy Lee.

From concept to release, Johnson says the project came together in roughly three weeks. He hand-picked already produced tracks from local artists that fit with the theme of the release, an album created not for profit but to provoke “dialog and spiritual return.”

The “Black Mics Matter Project” is available online as a free download.

In addition to the release, Johnson says he plans to do panels around the issues raised on the album. “I have a voice and impact so I felt it is time to use it beyond just rappin’, make art into action,” Johnson said on Monday.