Children cheer for The Q Brothers at Austin Kiddie Limits at Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park Friday, October 9, 2015. (Erika Rich / for American-Statesman)

Ready to fest with the family? Children ten and under get in free to Austin City Limits and kids nine and under have a free ride to the new Sound on Sound Fest. This week, organizers of both festivals revealed some of this yearís family-friendly programming.

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For years, the Austin Kiddie Limits section of Austin City Limits Fest has been a haven for families and, based on new offerings and adjustments festival organizers have revealed, it looks like this year will be bigger and better.

First off, instead of closing up shop around 4 p.m. as in years past, AKL will remain open til 7. This offers families who have young children with limited festival stamina an opportunity to show up later and try to stay for some of the festís larger evening acts.

AKL will also move to a new shadier location in the park with its own family entrance, and fest organizers have created a lounge area where parents can sit and watch their kids at play. There will also be ping pong tables, all-natural snow cones and a small private tent where mothers can change diapers, nurse babies or use a breast pump in privacy.

In addition, there will be a variety of arts, crafts and musical exploration activities for kids and each day several kid-oriented music acts will perform on the AKL stage.

Austin City Limits takes place from Sept. 30-Oct. 2 and Oct. 7-9 at Zilker Park.†More info.


We donít have a lot of details on the kids section of the new Sound on Sound Fest, but Bill Childs who hosts the syndicated KUTX radio show Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child revealed the music lineup this week. More information about activities for kids are forthcoming, but the announcement graphic reminds potential fest-goers that SOS, set on the Renaissance Festival grounds at Sherwood Forest Faire has a castle. Oh yeah, and thereís not going to be a drum circle. Sound on Sound Fest takes place from Nov. 4-6. More info.