Austin stand-up comic Chris Cubas, center, appears on the Comedy Central program “@Midnight.”

Well, Austin stand-up comedian Chris Cubas might not have blown up the Internet, but he sure had a dominating presence in my Facebook feed on Thursday (I follow a lot of comics). That was the morning after Cubas guested as the first fan of the Comedy Central game show “@Midnight” to appear on the program as part of its #PointsMe contest.


“KILLED IT ON @MIDNIGHT!!!!!! So good!!!”

“Chris Cubas won the internet last night.”

I had to scroll quite a bit to not see similar posts linking to video of Cubas’ turn on the show, on which he seemed surprisingly comfortable fielding set-ups from host Chris Hardwick and standing between “The Sarah Silverman Program’s” Steve Agee and “The Odd Couple’s” Thomas Lennon.

The Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival veteran and warhorse of the Funniest Person in Austin contest eventually won the game with his quick wit.

In the category of #FantasyCelebs, in which contestants had to combine the name of a celebrity with a fantasy-genre touchstone, he hit right out of the gate with “Conan the O’Brien.”

In a round called “Other City Slogans” (in honor of our “Keep Austin Weird” motto) Cubas was quick on the buzzer with gems including “San Antonio: Y’all Heard That New Kid Rock Record?” and “Boston: Ah, Go (expletive) Yourself.”

Check out a portion of his appearance in the video below, then send him kudos on Twitter @ChrisCubas.