The storm of exciting new appsdebuting at South by Southwest is thundering through Austin. On the food desk, it’s been hard to keep up with all of them, in fact. Here is the first of several apps we’re writing about for next week’s food section that might be handy as you’re sorting through the SXSW food options, or trying to avoid the madness.

Dindr is like Tinder for dinner.

This Austin-based app allows you to look at food photos from restaurants in any U.S. city and, like the popular dating site, swipe left for food you’re not interested in and right for dishes that are right up your alley.

As you swipe photos, Dindr can help recommend restaurants and dishes based on your preferences. You can also filter what kind of photos you’re browsing by meal type, cuisine, price, popularity or neighborhood. The app does offer in-app photo editing and user profiles, making it almost a food-exclusive Instagram of sorts.

Dindr is only available through the app store, but you can go to to find out more.