Solange Knowles released her new album “A Seat at the Table” last week. A few days after she premiered two new music videos for songs featured on the album: “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes in the Sky.” Both the album and videos have already been lauded by critics.

Some Austinites might recognize an Austin-area home and Hill Country landmark in the video for “Cranes in the Sky,” which Vogue reports was shot across the deserts of Texas and mountains of New Mexico.

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The Plant at Kyle is, according to its own website, a house and “architectural landmark” located about 30 miles outside of Austin. The house as it stands today (after “beginning life in the 1920s as a shed at the Alamo Cement plant”) was built out of scrapped materials from a soon-to-be-demolished San Antonio cement plant and has won several architectural awards.

The complex claims to house the “world’s largest screened in porch,” which Solange can be seen dancing in in the “Cranes” video.

Recognize any of the other spots in the video? You can watch it in full below: