You know the movie-obsessives at the Alamo Drafthouse are gearing up for the December 17 premiere of “Star Wars: The Forces Awakens.” They’ve already rolled out the details on their crazy marathon contest that includes some massive grand prizes, and today they unleashed their new “Star War”-themed menu for the momentous occasion. The dishes, which all reference the film in one way or another are listed below.

Nerf strips (back left, $11). Named after the animals in “Star Wars.” Leia famously called Han Solo a “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.” The beef skewers are marinated in an orange-garlic sauce. At the front is the Yoda Soba Noodle Salad with shaved Brussels sprouts and a soy-ginger dressing ($10). The Tatooine Sunset cocktail ($9) with Cana Brava rum, anejo rum, orange, lime, almond and bitters was created by Alamo Village bartender Christian Gutierrez. The Drafthouse made the cocktail creations and competition, with two bartenders from across the country getting their creations placed on the menu. 

The Trash Compactor Pizza ($13) doesn’t have trash on it, but the pizza that includes pecans, pears and mozarella gets its funky smell from blue cheese.

The Gold Membrosia cocktail ($10), created bartender Matt Tanskley of the Kalamzaoo Drafthouse, is made with Tequila Cabeza, elderflower, ginger, roadian spice liquor, orange bitters and lemon oil. 

Did you know Wookies were vegetarians? Well, apparently they are. And they love a fictional berry called the wasaka berry, which resembles a raspberry. The Wookie Wasaka Berry Crêpes ($8) are made with chocolate ricotta filling, white chocolate, and raspberries.
—The Wookies are vegetarians and one of their delicacies is the Wasaka berry, a fruit that looks very much like a raspberry.

Because you know Jabba the Hutt ain’t eating salad, the Drafthouse rolled out Jabba’s Critter Fritters ($8), which are fried balls of corn, shrimp, and red pepper.


There are still plenty of tickets available for Drafthouse screenings on December 20 and beyond. May the Force be with your ticket-buying prowess.Disney added critic screenings for the Austin market, so expect a review from the Statesman’s Joe Gross before the opening.