TV On the Radio stomped out onto the Miller Lite stage Saturday evening at ACL Fest shortly after sunset. The early chunk of the set was so heavy on new stuff — 2011’s “Nine Types of Light,” last year’s “Seeds” — you forgot that the Brooklyn, New York, art rockers began the 21st century as its most critically acclaimed band. 

Replacing the post-9/11 sonic soundscapes that reimagined rock as a broth of chords stirred and sung on with compassionate urgency by singer Tunde Adebimpe was, well, tasteful rock.“I’m excited to see Drake,” guitarist Kyp Malone deadpanned. The band was almost roped off down here away from the fresh prince of rap, strutting in black denim, rocking for vinyl collectors.Calm seas rock cuts like winking love song “Happy Idiot” we’re a step slow, lacking the recorded version’s shakey-dog pace. But 2006’s “Wolf Like Me” combusted at the halfway point. TV on the Radio was intense at its Bush-era, fog-of-war apex. They wrote cherry bombs about modern despair, very few of which were visited in Zilker Park. The six-strong band played like made men — they’ve tweaked with ACL crowds before, they’ll do it again.  Tonight they were largely stopover music — for the kids awaiting Deadmau5, patrons pausing for group pics, tented Aggies watching Texas A&M chip at Mississippi State.  But then hard-pounding drivers like “DLZ” from 2008’s comically hyped “Dear Science” took you back to that dingy and free Md-Atlantic jukebox where this record lived. 2004’s “Staring at the Sun,” with its creeping-fog layers of falsetto and synth blasted like back when John Kerry was a presidential finalist and TVOTR opened for The Faint at La Zona Rosa. Unfortunately Deadmau5’s sirens drowned some of it out.