Deadmau5, the DJ who wears a Mouse mask, isn’t exactly a newcomer to festival crowds, but some of us have been casting our gaze elsewhere and missed the hour-long dance party thing altogether. Here now are five things we now know after catching his Saturday night co-headlining set:

A performance by deadmau5 during the Austin City Limits Music Festival Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015. (Stephen Spillman / for American Statesman)

1) Lights. Lots of lights. Christmas lights draping peoples bodies, and tons of glow sticks: in their hands, on their flags, and to toss in a huge lit wave into the crowd.

2) A huge crowd with a Euro-festival vibe. What is this, Berlin? Well … at least for Deadmau5’s hour+ set. The crowd on the outskirts carved out room to dance, and everyone was moving, non-stop, for the entire set. Who are these people who skip Drake, the current puller of the zeitgeist lever, to watch a mouse DJ with saucer sized lights for eyes? Folks who love to dance. Girls in bikini tops and the occasional older gentleman working on a few moves.

3) He takes off the mouse mask. Who is this masked man? Joel Zimmerman, who complained on Twitter earlier Saturday that he was headed to meet fellow-Canadian Drake, when he was met with an entourage of bros “40 deep.” And decided … against it.

4) Fashion. Austin electronic obsessives came dressed up. Lit-up mouse ears were everywhere. Then there were special cases, like one couple with a girl in a green tutu, and the guy in skin-tight plaid short-shorts. Move to the groove.

5) Left Shark. After Deadmau5’s, uh, steel-cage geodesic dome unhinged and revealEd the DJ in full, the action on stage is pretty much restricted to a light show. No fireworks here, but some entertainment all the same, when Deadmau5 takes a break to be sidled by two dancing

characters: (left) shark and … a hotdog.