Willie Nelson and Kacey Musgraves perform during the Willie Nelson & Family New Year concert at ACL Live at the Moody Theater. Photos by Suzanne Cordeiro for American-Statesman

Despite an age difference of more than half a century (!!), the friendship between neo-traditional country singer Kacey Musgraves and her hair-braided role model Willie Nelson just works. One would say it’s blazing.

Along with their mutual profession of making country music, the pair are famous marijuana smokers. In an interview with US, Musgraves told the magazine she framed a joint Nelson gave her. On April 20, Musgraves posted a series of Instagrams surrounding by tall marijuana plants, thanking Nelson for a tour and referencing his cannabis brand Willie’s Reserve in a hashtag.

Let’s look back on how the high times came to be. One of the first photos snapped of country’s oddest BFFs captures Musgraves planting a kiss on Nelson’s cheek. He doesn’t seem to mind the Wet Willie (sorry, couldn’t help it) either. In fact, this snap had quite the run as Musgraves’ Instagram profile picture.

A lover of all things vintage, Musgraves uploaded a photo of a classic Rolling Stone cover featuring the bearded outlaw sans his signature braids.

In case there’s any doubt, Musgraves is a superfan, ‘gramming Nelson and his famous guitar Trigger during the Farm Aid concert event.

Any chance to get on stage near Nelson, Musgraves has taken it, such as when he belted out “I’ll Fly Away” during a show.

It seems where Nelson plays, Musgraves isn’t too far off, as the two have embarked on tour together. The two played a tribute to Waylon Jennings at ACL Live in 2015.

“Pageant Material,” the second album from Musgraves, features the hidden track “Are You Sure,” an old Nelson song originally released in the ’60s, which he guest stars on for the album. They released a video for the song in September 2015.

Leading up to New Year’s Eve, the Texas twosome played a series of shows that capped off the year with their duet.

Musgraves had a busy SXSW, playing shows at Fader Fort, the Paramount Theatre and Spotify House, and she was scheduled to be the surprise guest at Nelson’s ranch for the Luck Reunion event, when severe weather shut down the show.

Mixing the sequinned glitz of Musgraves with the roadhouse style of Nelson, these Lone Star State natives make for some serious #squadgoals. As the ultimate sign of friendship, Musgraves even gave a shout-out to the country legend with the opening line “I’ve had my picture made with Willie Nelson” on her single “Dimestore Cowgirl.”

Willie and Kacey forever?

Watch the two kick it old school in a bar in the video below.