Just shy of one year from when Blue Bell reintroduced its products back into grocery stores after a months-long recall and break to clean its facilities after a listeria outbreak, the Brenham-based creamery has launched a new flavor.

Blue Bell has released its first new flavor since a massive recall last year. Itís a combination of two top sellers: cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. Photo from Blue Bell.

Cookie Two Step is in stores starting today, and itís the first new product that the company has released since the massive recall last year that threatened to shutter the company.

Pre-recall, Blue Bell released at least one new flavor every year. Its iconic brand also took up far more shelf space (and advertising space) than it does now, but the company seems to be recovering from the massive recall and news of at least three deaths linked to contaminated ice cream.

According to a news release, the new flavor is a combination of cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough ice creams and is being delivered to grocery stores throughout Texas today.

Blue Bell also said it will have more new flavors coming out later this year.