Television host Nancy Grace announced yesterday she will soon be ending her show. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File)

After almost 12 years, the Nancy Grace show will be off the air at HLN. #RiotsInTheStreets?

Yesterday it was reported that Nancy Grace would be leaving HLN to embark on a new journey. While this is surely not the last we’ll see of her, television is losing one of its most outspoken and controversial figures. Grace had a reputation for fueling the internet rage machine, but many times she was also one of the best sources of entertainment in the courtroom news business.

Looking back on her long career as a television judge, jury and executioner, here are five times Grace turned our rage into laughter.

1. There was that time Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz debated over marijuana legalization and rap videos.


2. There was also the time her producers staged a mutiny.


3. Every time Grace cut off the mic on a rowdy guest, we all cheered in our living rooms. Admit it. Here she is explaining why she does it:


4. Let’s never forget the bravery she showed in 2012 when she took on the women of The View over the controversial remarks she made about Whitney Houston’s death.


5. Pretty much her entire Twitter feed is pure hashtag gold.

Yoga expert facing murder charge accused of intentionally driving off 200ft cliff, killing beautiful twin sister. #BadTwin?

— Nancy Grace (@NancyGrace) June 8, 2016

And tonight: Did the elite prep school perp violate his strict curfew? Will his bail be revoked?! #PreppyFelon

— Nancy Grace (@NancyGrace) March 16, 2016

A body found at a Phoenix recycling plant identified as missing 24-year-old mom Christy Leanna Davey. #ConveyorBeltBody

— Nancy Grace (@NancyGrace) March 15, 2016

It’s safe to say cable news will be less entertaining without you, Nancy.