Drake performs at Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park Saturday, October 10, 2015. (Erika Rich / for AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

1. “Views” might not be a masterpiece, but provides plenty of signature Drake-ness.

According to Slate’s review Drake’s weekend release “Views” is “pretty conspicuously unwoke” and makes “Hotline Bling” sound like “a sad comeuppance to most of what’s come before.” However, as this list by Billboard shows, “Views” contains just as many of those one-liners every Drake fan loves.

2. Stephen Colbert to release some “The Late Show” duties 8 months in.

Eight months into his hosting gig on “The Late Show” and comedian Stephen Colbert seems ready to release, at least a few, of the production responsibilities he initially insisted on handling himself, A.V. Club reports. Newly hired Chris Licht will now shoulder some of the show’s weight giving Colbert more time to “focus on being funny.”

3. Levitation Fest confirms cancellation was necessary with pictures of damage.

To the disappoint of Levitation festers, the Carson Creek Ranch event was cancelled last Thursday due to impending severe weather. Austin360’s Deborah Sengupta Stith reports the threat was all too real — owners released pictures of the damage caused by the weather Monday.

4. Justin Bieber goes to a really weird party.

Want to see pictures of Justin Bieber having a great time? Then do not look at any of the ones taken of him at his father’s engagement party this weekend. A real Bengal tiger, the Batmobile and two different Wonder Women were not enough to get the Biebs to crack even a grin, People photos show.

5. Assigned “Lemonade” reading.

A week after Beyoncé released album “Lemonade” it seems for those whose response wasn’t to dance, it was to write. A lot of think pieces, commentaries, critiques and op-eds followed the release of the hourlong visual album and deciding which ones to read can be overwhelming. The Atlantic has stepped in with handy Beyoncé CliffNotes.