via Vogue

1. Taylor Swift answers 70 questions in 10 minutes.

Talor Swift invited Vogue into her house to answer 73 questions, a lot of which were about cats, ahead of her May cover debut. Perhaps the most important question the interview answered was, “Does Taylor Swift live inside of a Pottery Barn?” Yes. No word, however, on why she didn’t make it out to Austin after visiting San Antonio this weekend.

2. “Hamilton” 2016 Pulitzer Prize win doesn’t shock.

Your friend who is obsessed with “Hamilton” can’t wait to tell you “Told you so.” As expected, star Lin-Manuel Miranda took home the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in the Drama category for the wildly popular, highly acclaimed musical. Check out some of the other winners from the Prize’s 100-year-anniversary here.

3. A Tribe Called Quest meets “Sesame Street.”

Many online tributes surfaced after Malik Izaak “Phife Dawg” Taylor of A Tribe Called Quest died last month, but as Austin360’s Joe Gross found, the most entertaining one features the Muppets and this perfect “Scenario” lip sync.

4. So, what kind of hot sauce does Hillary Clinton have in her bag?

Swag. Presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton recently said during an interview on a hip-hop radio show that she, just like Beyoncé, carries hot sauce in her bag. Today Clinton revealed her favorite brand is Ninja Squirrel Sriracha from Whole Foods and that she does so in part for health reasons.

5. Coachella is over; recap.

If you’re into Coachella, but not enough to have actually attended, take a look at Pitchfork’s “Winners and Losers,” including the surprise appearances made by both Bernie Sanders and Rihanna, and the less surprising ones made by hundreds of flower crowns.