Jon Lovitz in Rat Race Credit: Doane Gregory

1. Comedian Jon Lovitz announces unlikely romance.

It seems not everyone believes in love. Although comedian Jon Lovitz and former “90210” star Jessica Lowndes took to social media to reveal their romantic relationship this weekend, the 31-year age difference between the two has many still skeptical, CBS reports. 27-year-old Lowndes and 58-year-old Lovitz posted several pictures to Instagram showing the pair presumably sharing twin ice creams together and driving in a car on Easter. In fact, the two might be doing more than just dating. One post by Lowndes shows a picture of a large diamond ring on her finger. Many Twitter and Instagram users have stated their disbelief at the relationship.

Easter with my bunny, @jessicalowndes !!!♥?♥?♥?

— Jon Lovitz (@realjonlovitz) March 28, 2016

2. How to make the Facebook Messenger basketball game less frustrating to play.

Of course you’re going to play Facebook Messenger’s new basketball game. So why not make the experience slightly less frustrating? The American-Statesman’s Jackie Wang has a few tips (read: cheats) for getting that tiny ball in that tiny hoop. Most of them involve using some sort of straight edge to better map out your shot. Options include a ruler, a pencil, a sheet of paper. To get the game going send your friend one of the basketball emojis over chat and then tap to shoot it!

3. The other side of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber showed us another side of himself in an Instagram post Saturday the singer posted while on a camping trip with friends. Literally, it was his backside, and not one we’re wholly unfamiliar with. The nude picture, shot from behind, shows Bieber wading into a lake. The revealing shot is captioned “Dat a– doe @johnny photo cred,” but another picture showing Bieber sleeping outside on the ground was more sentimentally captioned, “My soul breathing, I found my life when I laid it down.”

4. Getting your perfect bluebonnet shot.

You don’t want to go up against the beauty of a Texas bluebonnet unprepared. When you’re out in the fields taking your wildflower pictures, during what promises to be a wonderful season for doing so, keep in mind a few tips that are sure to get you a better shot. Maybe opt for a late afternoon or early morning light, when the sun won’t illuminate everything as harshly. It’s alright if you’re subject isn’t looking right at the camera; less posing will make for a more natural photo! Remember to stay safe out there by avoiding sides of highways and opting for comfortable but protective clothing. Check out some of our readers’ bluebonnet pictures here.

5. What to do with your hard-boiled eggs.

You hunted for and found all the hidden eggs. Now what? If you’re looking for something to do with leftover hard-boiled eggs try spicing up an egg salad sandwich with some of the suggestions offered by the American-Statesman’s Addie Broyles. Adding bacon, avocado and red onion, or jalapeño and cilantro can bring a whole new dimension to your lunch experience.