via Comedy Central

1. Broad City returns.

The broads are back. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer returned to premiere their third season Wednesday night and things were just as surreal, real and weird as we left them. Unsurprisingly the episode involves a lot of bathroom humor. Things pick up right where they left off with the pair wearing joke tshirts they bought off the street to cover up spilled red wine, and progresses as we get glimpses of their lives during the past year — much of which is set (you guessed it) in their side-by-side bathrooms.

2. Musicians added to Antone’s Paul Ray tribute.

Austin’s Gary Clark Jr. will join Jimmie Vaughan, Chris Sexton and Denny Freeman in honoring late DJ and musician Paul Ray, who died Jan. 15. The musicians will play Cobra songs, the band which Ray fronted for many years, at Antone’s. General admission tickets are $35 and will support the Paul Ray Memorial Fund. Additional performers for the show are expected to be announced soon.

3. Untapped Festival to return to Austin in May.

You got your craft beer festival in my live music festival. Untapped Festival will return to Austin, a city that dearly loves both its components, May 14 at Carson Creek Ranch. Tickets for the fest go on sale today. More than 75 breweries will provide a total of 300-plus beers, and bands like Atlas Genius, Deltron 3030 and Lady Lamb are set to perform. Although the festival was held in Austin for the first time last year, its annual goal is to bring “thoughtfully paired music to seasoned beer drinkers and to introduce new and exciting craft beers to discerning music fans.”

4. Happy National Drink Wine Day!

Whether red or white; whether the glass is stemless or stemmed — pour yourself some wine, because it’s National Drink Wine Day. Push the beers to the back of the fridge and instead learn about a few fun wine facts, including: Without any sort of assistance grapes become wine. Not necessarily good wine, but wine nonetheless. And did you know a cork functions to allow air into a bottle? The air helps smooth out the taste of the bitter tannins.

5. Today is your last day to apply to be an astronaut.

NASA wants you! Well, maybe not you, but they’ll decide after sifting through applications. Today is your last day to apply to be an aspiring astronaut. There are a few prerequisites — NASA expects you to have a degree in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science, or mathematics, and have quite a bit of flying time under your belt. What are you waiting for? Apply now!