One woman in the Samsung stage crowd said it all: “Oh my god! He’s still in a boot.”

Still hobbled by injury but incredibly far from sidelined, Dave Grohl returned to Austin City Limits Music Festival with Foo Fighters for the second weekend. The band closed out the first day with a feel-good jukebox rock-out and a love affair with a giant cutout of Taylor Hawkins’ head.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performs during the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park Friday, October 9, 2015. (Stephen Spillman / for AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

The set — bookended by “All My Life” and “Everlong” and featuring cameo appearances from Austin’s own Gary Clark Jr. and Ben Kweller — was just as reliably thrash-worthy as the first weekend’s whirl. Just as reliable: the band’s frontman profanely, gleefully hamming it up.

Here are 15 Grohliest moments of the night:

Not letting a little thing like a broken leg stop him from taking the stage, instead rocking from the much-ballyhooed Foo Throne (complete with guitar necks where its “Game of Thrones” counterpart has swords).The throne moving back and forth down the catwalk, making Grohl look like a shaggy, howling, headbanging Professor Xavier.Shooting the double freedom rockets multiple times during “Something From Nothing.”For “The Pretender”: “Oh my goodness gracious! Oh my goodness gracious! Deja vu, (expletive).” Then, sashaying his hips mid-rock: “That’s just how I roll.”“Who’s never seen the Foo Fighters before?”— and with many hands shooting up in the crowd — “Oh, the whole (expletive) festival.”Casually announcing that the band just recorded five new songs in Austin before bringing Ben Kweller up to join him on “Big Me.”Crushing on the Kwell, singing “It’s you I fell into … Ben.” And as the “Penny On a Train Track” singer left the stage: “Ben Kweller smells so good!”Cooling off after a rousing/ironic “Walk” with an ice cold can of Coors Light to the face: “I know it’s not the right beer, but it’s cold, so who (expletive) cares.”After an extended intro for the rest of the band, spotting said giant cutout sign of drummer Hawkins’ face and asking “Can I have that? Can I have that for the next hour and 15 minutes?”Actually getting the Hawkins head and nestling it in the seat of the throne for the duration of the set. (“I want him looking at me.”)Making out with the Hawkins head, which ended up getting more screen time on the jumbotrons than guitarist Pat Smear.Seriously, Grohl was feeling the bromance hard: “I wanna sing a song about Taylor Hawkins. It’s called ‘My Hero.'”Smiling like a proud dad at Clark during the bluesman’s cameo on “What Did I Do?/God As My Witness.”Hugging Clark and patting him on the cheek, then preceding “Monkey Wrench” by saying “This one goes out to Gary Clark Jr. because it’s a (expletive) happy number, and I’m not gonna get all emotional on his (expletive).”Expressing his appreciation for “Austin City Limits” the T.V. show, saying that he watched it as a kid, and closing out the night with a euphoric “Everlong” that seemed dedicated to the Live Music Capital itself.