In this file photo, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey speaks at a fundraiser in New York. Twitter says that four executives are leaving the company. Alex Roetter, Skip Schipper, Katie Stanton and Kevin Weil are exiting the company. Roetter served as senior vice president of engineering, Schipper was vice president of human resources, Stanton was vice president of social media and Weil was senior vice president of product. Credit: Mary Altaffer / File/ ASSOCIATED PRESS

On the news that four senior executives at Twitter are leaving the company, Twitter had plenty to say:

Nearly Half of Twitter’s Senior Leaders Are Leaving

— John Dietrich (@ampyourgrowth) January 25, 2016

Was really hoping to talk to Twitter employees about this later this week, but want to set the record straight now:

— Jack (@jack) January 25, 2016

Twitter stock price explained: 1. Twitter management makes no changes: shares falls. 2. Twitter management makes changes: shares fall. :/

— Alex (@alex) January 25, 2016

Using Twitter is feels like being an Amiga user in the 90s: loyal users buffeted by confused management

— rob manuel (@robmanuel) January 25, 2016

Twitter's executive exodus was a big deal. So what happens next? via KurtWagner8

— Kara Swisher (@karaswisher) January 25, 2016

Twitter CEO vows to keep firing people until he figures out who is the problem; jets off to Clinton Crony Confab

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) January 25, 2016

Trump: "You're fired" Dorsey: Enjoy some "well-deserved time off."

— Jeremy Olshan (@jolshan) January 25, 2016

Hi my name is Ruth(some of you may know me as the girl who hated working at Tim Hortons)& I'll be one of your twitter managers for the week.

— CGS2004Class (@CGS2004Class) January 25, 2016

what if these Twitter executives are leaving because they saw a mock up of what 10,000 character tweets looked like and became violently ill

— Stefan Constantine (@WhatTheBit) January 25, 2016

Not exactly a resounding vote of confidence in the recent shakeup at Twitter:

— Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) January 25, 2016