Asking a hardcore Beck fan to name their favorite Beck song is a bit like asking a parent to pick their favorite child: You know they know the answer, but they feel guilty saying it out loud. With that in mind, I bothered some Beck fans (and one person who had no idea who “they” were) who were posted up front before the prolific, genre-swapping songwriter took to the Samsung Galaxy Stage tonight.

Drew Alston of Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
How he picked Beck over Outkast: “Who else out there in the past 60 years has put out sheet music? …And for someone who is so quirky, he puts on a heck of a live show.” [Drew has seen Beck three times.] He’s delightfully weird without being pretentious.”

Favorite Beck song: “Elevator Music”

Most anticipated non-Beck ACL Fest act: The Replacements

Dani Spataro of Long Beach, California
How she picked Beck over Outkast: “Outkast sucks. I saw them at Coachella and they were low energy… I’ve been listening to Beck since seventh grade.”

Favorite Beck song: “I’m not good with song titles, but I like the dancier ones… Also, I love his hat.”

Mike Albert of Austin
How he ended up at Beck over Outkast: “Both were really big when I was younger, but I was really into ‘Mellow Gold’ and ‘Odelay’… My wife and I were debating it. She was leaning a little toward Outkast, and I was leaning a little toward Beck, so we split up.”

Favorite Beck song: “Paper Tiger”

His ACL must-see who hasn’t starred as a disembodied head on an episode of “Futurama”: “I should go see Pearl Jam, if I can make it that long Sunday. It’s a marathon.”

Andy Tiwari and Chelsea Clinton of San Antonio
How Chelsea picked Beck over Outkast: “Beck has like a thousand more good songs.”

Andy’s favorite Beck song: “Devil’s Haircut”

Chelsea’s fave: “Nausea”

Person Chelsea shares a name with but totally isn’t: Chelsea Clinton

Andy’s other ACL must-see: Eminem

Liz Brown of Houston
How she picked Beck over Outkast: “I would have gone and seen Outkast if they had just put out “‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.'”

Favorite Beck song: “‘Hell Yes.’ I like happy Beck better than sad Beck.”

Jeff Sande of Dallas
How he picked Beck over Outkast: He hadn’t and was weighing his options — a sweet spot for Beck, who regularly tours, or taking his chances trekking across the park for Outkast, who are a rarer catch. “Next time you see [Outkast], they might be 10 years older.”

Favorite Beck song: “Where It’s At”

Daniel Sanchez of Austin
How he picked between the two headliners: “Beck. There was no question.”

Favorite song: “Devil’s Haircut”

Truman Matheny of Austin
Favorite Beck song: “E-Pro”

Other things we talked about: Nothing. Beck started and he bolted.

Well, there you have it. According to my super-scientific survey people like happy Beck more than sad Beck and they really want to hear “Devil’s Haircut.” Good thing he opened with that. You can check out a full review of Beck’s weekend one set or see the setlist from tonight’s show below to see if Beck played your Beck favorite song.


Devil’s HaircutBlack TambourineThink I’m in LoveSoul of a ManOne Foot in the GraveBlue MoonSissyneckBillie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)Hell YesGirlTimebombLoserE-ProSexx LawsDebraWhere It’s At