Chaka and Qi Dada, Austin’s husband and wife hip hop outfit Riders Against the Storm dropped this acoustic version of their new single "Booty Sweat" and answered a few questions about Austin and ACL Fest.

Artist: Riders Against the Storm

At the fest: 11:15 a.m. Saturday, Austin Ventures Stage

3 words to describe band: electric, magical, refreshing

Most memorable onstage moment so far this year: Qi Dada – Winning the Austin Music Awards. Being able to make history with people that you love, and having the Austin community back a change in scenery meant so much to me; Chaka – Playing at ACL Moody theater this summer for the Winedown series. It’s a great stage with incredible sound. I used to work for a company that secures the building and does the staging for shows there, so it was surreal to perform in the space only a few years later. I remember telling some of the guys I was working with that I would be playing that stage. I think they thought I was just dreaming because nobody knew anything about Riders Against the Storm at the time really. It was truly powerful to look out there and see a crowd of people waiting to hear our music.

Memorable ACL Fest experience: Qi – Never been. Chaka – Last year, I was hanging out after Valerie June’s show at Emo’s and someone overheard me saying that I wish I had a pass to go see Valerie at ACL. She gave me a pass, and I went to see Ms. June the next day! Shakey Graves played after her. Both lit it up. I got to check Kendrick Lamar’s set that day as well.

Three songs can’t wait to hear at the fest: – Qi Dada – Anything by Outkast or Ana Tijoux. Chaka – "Bombs Over Baghdad," and yeah, anything by Outkast. Who else is going to be there? Just kidding, but yeah, really though.

One thing people should do in Austin? Qi Dada – Visit the East Side and watch the Black Cowboys riding their horses on Sunday. It gives you a richer perspective of Austin, and the everyday workings that make it great. Chaka – Eat at Nubian Queen Lola’s if you want a taste of New Orleans. Tacos at Veracruz on Cesar Chavez are a must as well. Go hang out anywhere in the Greenbelt. Breathe.