There’s only 1 Texas city on this list showing where millennials are buying homes

People make so many jokes about millennials not being able to afford houses that one online lender has started pairing its mortgages with a month’s worth of free avocado toast. 

Eye roll, but also delicious and wonderful idea.

According to Time, which drew from data compiled by rental site ABODO, only one Texas city was included on a list of the top 10 cities where millennials are buying houses.

Surprise, it wasn’t "you-have-to-make-$23-an-hour-to-live-here" Austin. 

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You want a house, young ones? Head to McAllen. 43 percent of homeowners in McAllen are millennials, which was the fourth highest in the U.S. 

The site also generated a bottom 10, which had the fewest millennial owners. More feigned surprised -- half of the cities were in California with Los Angeles leading the way.

According to ABODO, “A millennial with a typical income might have to save for decades in order to have enough for a solid down payment on a home.”

It’s seeming like this has less and less to do with toast...


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